The Sacred Maqui

This fruit has traditionally been used in sacred rites and medicinal purposes by the Mapuche people. Its also used as a natural source of energy, and to help prevent several health condition such as: diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis, cancer and more…

  • Only found in the sacred Mapuche land in southern Chile.
  • One of the Most antioxidant-rich superfruits.
  • The Mapuche Natives believe on the power of the fruit and they were never be conquered.

The only question remains...

Do you belive?

The real American Warrior

The Native Mapuche: The people of the land, the Mapuche are the real American warriors. No conquistadores could overcome the Mapuches. The only native americans that were recognized from the spanish crown as a nation…

Más de 300 años de lucha con los conquistadores españoles.

Getting their power, from Mother Earth.

La protección de las Tierras sagradas de sus antepasados.

The sacred land in Southern Chile

Southern Chile : Maqui berry can only be grown in Mapuche territory, the sacred land of Southern Chile through Patagonia. As the prettiest and cleanest place on the planet, it is no wonder, The Mapuche have been defending this territory for centuries. They do it all for one simple reason; the remarkable food that can be found there.

Southern Chile is one of the prettiest and cleanest places on the planet.

The Mapuche fight for this sacred Territory, there is sacred secrets.

Maqui berry grows in a sacred place and the native Mapuche gather the fruit.