In 2011 Winkul LLC was established by Mapuches, to maintain their religious integrity and continual use of their language. To Spread the Mapuche love for mother earth; through the central belief that by joining forces all people of the earth may unleash the earth's power.

As culturally holding true to this belief the Mapuches have developed natural products from hidden sacred places which contain profound magic and mystic.

Winkul LLC also known to introduce Maqui Berry in 2011, wanto to show in a form of entertainment our culture their history. We support our communities by creating new jobs, improving education, and fighting poor.

We want the people to understand, that through consuming our products, they support the indigenous Mapuche people, as well as, participate of the divine sacredness of the Maqui Berry becoming an invincible warrior with an incredible health.

Winkul philosophy

Winkul llc. It is an American company founded by Mapuche living united states of america.

We believe that the Mapuche people has been and is a people socially and politically discriminated. Since the Mapuche was an community that has endured since the Spanish invasion, one of the cruelest and longest wars in history. The Mapuche were the only Native America who were recognized as a Nation, from the Spaniards.

However these people live in reductions or communities. Dispossessed of their lands and wealth, giving even the struggle to survive.

As Mapuche believe we are an independent nation. We believe that capitalism is an economic way for a development option for the Mapuche people. We believe as Mapuches that globalization must be used to our advantage. We believe that our products birth of our sacred land offer benefits to mankind. We believe that right through our history and ancestral lineage our products contain sacred essence. We believe that our beliefs should be respected within the world of religion or not. We believe that our language is being lost and need to recover it for this we believe that globalization is essential in this regard.