The Mapuche come from Central to Southern Chile; passing through Patagonia all the way to Antarctica. Our land is one of the most beautiful to behold and one of the cleanest; thus valuable and indeed sacred. The mystic and sacredness of our land drives us, as a people, to protect and maintain our lands to give it the reverence it deserves. For it is there, that our gods planted magical and mystical seeds, which are now found in every particle of our land.

The Ruca Nirre community, which means the House of Fox, is the community where we grew up and where most of my ancestors grew as well. Here we learn the sacred of nature and mother earth. We learned the importance of community to learn from each other, also to reverence nature and to learn the importance to protect our ancestral lands.

As a community, we want the people understand the importance of the reverence of mother earth, the importance to take care our planet and our nature, to reconnect with Mother Earth, partake of the Maqui berry and watch its magic unfold.

We believe that the cure to all illnesses is to be found in Mother Earth. It is for this reason that we wish to share with the world our culture along with its nutritional secrets. We invite you to become one of us; a MAPUCHE, so that no illness is able to overpower you.

Become a Mapuche