Maqui History

The Maqui berry bush is found only in Mapuche land and no where else in the world. The fruit has traditionally been used in sacred rites as well as medicinal purposes by the Mapuche people.

The Maqui berry leaf has many uses. Crushed maqui leaf is used in the healing of wounds, as a scar agent, as an infusion for sore throat, cold sores and intestinal tumors. The poultice is applied to tumors as a painkiller and febrifuge. The Maqui berry has antidiarrheal and astringent qualities.

While attempting to show the world the high nutritional content of the Maqui berry. The companies that currently market it are often oblivious to its sacred significance. This richly purple colored berry, has been used by our ancestors to improve and augment physical strength, vitality and legendary resistance making the Mapuche the only Native American people who successfully resisted the would be conquistadors; Incas, Spaniards and many others.

Weight loss
People who try to reduce excess weight are advised to consume this type of berries every day since elevated insulin levels in the body. The maqui juice consumption with meals or between meals is an efficient way to reduce blood sugar and the amount of energy to avoid the development of more fat cells method.
Increase Metabolism
The superfruit Maqui increases body metabolism and helps combat the problems of digestion, helping to raise energy levels. At other times, athletes used the maqui as part of their diet for strengthening physical endurance.
Preliminary investigations have shown that maqui has antibacterial qualities, which can let you contribute to the prevention of health problems related to intoxication.
The consuming maqui juice and fruit as such increase the generation of insulin in the body, a feature that helps diabetics to balance their glucose levels after meals.
Cancer Prevention
Antioxidants contained in maqui help prevent damage from free radicals cells and DNA, a recognized cause of various cancers.
Alzheimer control
Maqui accumulates lots of antioxidants with the ability to clean the human body of all wastes and toxic elements accumulate in it. Beta-amyloid peptide, was transformed into a toxic molecule for the body, happens in a prior generation of free radicals which destroy cells stage.
Cardiovascular Disease
Also another important advantage of maqui consumption is prevention of coronary heart disease because of its antioxidant help prevent the oxidation of blood cholesterol. Most heart diseases such as heart, thickening of the arteries and stroke are precisely due to the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood.
Free radicals attack and contaminate tissue cells, damaging skin aging and wearing. Maqui helps stop the aging of the skin and tissues because it contains the highest concentration of antioxidants, resulting in blood flow due to eliminate the signs of aging.