Lepillan Genealogy

The importance of genealogy is an essential element that will eventually define us and reveal the origin of our history. My older generations, were able to explain and understand ancient knowledge through our present and future and show the importance of the wisdom hidden throughout our history, through written communication or by word of mouth, as an essential condition for someone.

For the Mapuche the connection with their ancestors is vital, the Pillanes (powerful and respected male spirits of our ancestors) are closely related to the Mapuche being, many of them correspond to a founder of a lineage or family, have relation to the origin of Mapuche. Each family had its own Pillán, providing protection and defending its members. Therefore guillatunes or rituals were made to honor the pillán to benefit the people and thank for what was received. Likewise, the Mapuche man concluded his earthly life can achieve becoming a Pillán.

No conquistadores could overcome the Mapuche

The only native americans that were recognized from the Spanish crown as a nation.

Caupolicán (? in Pilmaiquén – 1558 in Cañete) was a Toqui, one of the military leader of the Mapuche people of Chile. Caupolicán as an Ulmen of Pilmayquen won the position of Toqui by demonstrating his superior strength by holding up a tree trunk for three days and three nights.In addition to proving his physical power, he also had to improvise a poetical speech to inspire the people to valor and unity.